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People in Motion
Tyree Guyton

Project Description

Tyree Guyton designed this artwork to evoke thought, create conversation and stimulate the observer to think about the most basic mode of transportation - the shoe. Guyton explores the power of transportation by examining movement through shoes as a metaphor of shoes representing individuals; all colors, styles, shapes and all moving in different directions. 

Made of smalti and cake glass, the 2 foot by 115 foot mosaic band wraps across three walls at the station mezzanine entry and was created by artisans at the Miotto Mosaic Art Studio in Carmel, NY.

Artist Statement

"I see the power of movement through shoes - shoes of all colors, all sizes, all styles, all shapes and all moving. Shoes then become the transient tool moving the human spirit from place to place and in all directions. Without the energy of people in motion, there would be no need for other types of motion."