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NEXTRIP Arrivals

  • To East to Orange Line - North Hollywood Station
    7 min, 19 min, 43 min, 68 min, 83 min

System Alerts


@LuluWalcott1 Hi, bus staff has just informed us that Line 534 will resume regular service tomorrow. We apologize f… https://t.co/y9wJRtZdu8

@LuluWalcott1 Hi, I just spoke to bus staff and buses have resumed regular service.^MM

@Denis99Menace Hi, the scheduled maintenance completes at 4pm.^MM

LINE 180: Potential 25 minute delay westbound through 2pm due to bus with mechanical issues at Vermont/Prospect. https://t.co/MeNGFdw26r

GREEN LINE UPDATE: Trains resume normal operations; earlier maintenance complete. https://t.co/bbkA3AxQO1


Parking: 610 spaces
Bikes 16 Bike Lockers, 16 Bike Rack Spaces


Bus Stops 158, 167