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New Poetry in Motion poster on view in Metro buses

You are gone now, truly
and to look you up in the dictionary
is no longer possible or

enough. The new season’s arrow
cleaves the maudlin
right out of the air, stays

the wavering knife. Better off
without you, say the crickets, say
the Christmas tree lights

which each night make a party
out of the darkness, tell me
which green porch is home.

— Maggie Nelson

Continue celebrating National Arts and Humanities Month along with the changing of the season with the latest Poetry in Motion poster featuring “Tell Me,” written by Maggie Nelson (text above). Part of Metro’s long-standing partnership with the Poetry Society of America, Poetry in Motion/LA places poems directly in the path of more than one million Metro bus riders daily.

More than 100 thought-provoking works, some printed in both English and Spanish, have been presented since the program’s inception. Poems are selected by the Poetry Society of America, which chooses recognized works that are relatively short, upbeat and representative of the diverse demography of the Los Angeles area.

For more information about the Poetry Society of America and the national Poetry in Motion® program, visit http://www.poetrysociety.org.

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Celebrate South Gate through the eyes of artist Ja’Rie Gray

“Through the Eyes of Artists” poster featuring South Gate by Artist Ja’Rie Gray.

Continue celebrating National Arts and Humanities month by riding Metro and discovering the next poster in our “Through the Eyes of Artists” series featuring South Gate.

Artist Ja’Rie Gray depicts a radiant headdress of azaleas symbolizing South Gate’s civic pride. A representation of femininity and the official flower of this family-friendly community, the ruddy flower petals gradually evolve into abstract building blocks that take the shape of the city’s boundaries.

In the artists own words, “I’m smitten by a city that adopts a flower representing the beauty and strength of a woman for its official symbol. Women are nurturers who raise, birth and grow; they are the basic building blocks for any family.  . . . This woman is the guardian, the protector, the builder and the grower of this Azalea City.”

Gray will be signing free copies of her beautiful poster in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for more info!

About Through the Eyes of Artists

In the tradition of celebrating transportation through colorful travel destination posters, Metro commissions a diverse range of Los Angeles artists to create original artworks for the Through the Eyes of Artists poster series. Established in 2003, the posters are displayed on board Metro trains and buses; South Gate is 44th in the series. Other posters to be released this year include Altadena, East Hollywood, Studio City and Torrance.

View the entire poster series by clicking here.

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Here are the Metro Art events happening in October

Celebrate National Arts and Humanities Month by joining us for a jam-packed series of arts and cultural events, including a special artist-led tour of our all-new exhibition Far Out: Movement through Form and Color. Here’s your guide to all the Metro Art events happening in October. Did we mention they’re all free and open to the public?

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Celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month with Metro Art

Click to view slideshow.

Meet Metro artists Abel Alejandre and Shizu Saldamando during a special, free art tour in honor of National Hispanic Heritage Month. Join us as we journey along the Expo Line with both Alejandre and Saldamando. They’ll share behind-the-scenes stories of their process in creating artworks for Westwood/Rancho Park Station and Palms Station.

Sunday, September 23
10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
Meet at the entrance to La Cienega/Jefferson Station

The tour will begin at the entrance of La Cienega/Jefferson Station promptly at 10:30 a.m. and travel the Expo Line, concluding at Downtown Santa Monica Station. This tour is free and open to the public, no reservations required.

Metro Art Moves is a free series of regularly scheduled and special tours of artwork in the Metro Rail system. Regular tours are led by trained Metro Art Docent Council volunteers and provide insights into the artworks, artists and art-making processes.

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New Union Station exhibition features artists’ interpretations of energy, transition and movement

Three of six artworks by Hadley Holliday, on display in the Union Station Passageway Gallery

A new exhibition in Union Station, Far Out: Movement through Form and Color, features abstract artworks by six artists interpreting themes of energy, transition and movement. The work will be on view through January 2019 in the passageway that accesses the rail platforms between Union Station East and West.

Artists featured in the exhibition include Lee Clarke, Hadley Holliday, Haeley Kyong, Nikko Mueller, Eamon Ore-Giron and Soonae Tark. Bursting with light and color, the artworks reflect and embody the energy of perpetual motion and change at Union Station fueled by fleet-footed commuters and visitors.

Lee Clarke’s colorful and abstract works exude unbridled energy, positivity, and movement. They evoke visual representations of hyperdrive bursts of a starship reaching light speed in science fantasy movies such as the Star Wars franchise.

Hadley Holliday creates artworks that depict psychedelic patterns of interlocking shapes and colors. Her paintings resemble the visual effects of tie-dye patterns, stained glass windows or kaleidoscopic projections, all evoking a sense of wonder, meditation and introspection.

Haeley Kyong’s paintings are inspired by her lifelong passion for color and shape. Kyong favors pastel colors and geometric shapes, juxtaposing them to draw out their expressive essence and emotions.

Nikko Mueller creates paintings that depict the structure of society from an aerial view. Mueller’s locations are carefully selected and sourced from Google Earth; his imagery is painstakingly constructed by applying layers of pigment and shaped by tape and X-Acto knives on the painting surface. His abstract works of cityscapes provide a unique perspective that is typically not seen.

Eamon Ore-Giron utilizes abstraction to investigate the potentials of cross-pollination and how idea, shape and color mutate and acclimate and they move between languages and cultures. His abstract paintings wed Latin American and indigenous craft traditions with 20th century European abstract art — creating a certain nostalgia for a global modernism.

Soonae Tark is inspired by the energy, diversity and complexity of the metropolis. Her paintings depict the stacking and juxtaposing of biomorphic shapes of color on top of and against one another, creating a whimsical world filled with both architectural structures and bubble gum colored Tupperware.

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